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  • An education equal to what is available only to the economically affluent families.
  • All school supplies, books, notebooks,etc.
  • Uniforms, shoes, socks, and sweaters.
  • A balanced and nutritious meal daily.
  • Complete medical and dental check-ups in the school clinic from Doctors and dentists that come weekly.
  • Daily devotions and Bible classes.
  • Training in spoken English providing opportunities advantageous for employment upon graduation

YOU make it possible for the child to enter the program of HOPE ACADEMY...a superior English medium school for sponsored children.

YOU will establish a LOVE-LINK with a child that will enrich your own life when you receive letters written in English and as you get the reports and photographs of your sponsored child. You will know that you have made a difference!

YOU will introduce a new dimension to your own life as well as everyone in your family by starting an ongoing interest in a child in India where customs, conditions, and even the time of day differ from yours.

YOU will be provided a photo, a real name, and smile in your mind of your student, giving you the opportunity to pray for the poor and the hungry of the world.