Our School


In 1986, Hope Academy opened its doors to the children in the poverty-stricken Cossipore area of Kolkata, India. At Hope Academy, all students participate in a high-quality English-language school just like expensive schools available to the rich. Graduates of Hope Academy effectively compete with the more affluent children when entering the job market. Students at Hope Academy have the opportunity to break the downward spiral of poverty that they have been living in.

There are only two criteria for admission to Hope Academy: Poverty and Proximity. The families must be poor and the children must be able to walk to school.

Initially, enrollment was low. To support their families, parents needed to send their children to scavenge garbage, work in tea-stalls washing dishes, or beg in the streets! But the success of the first students attracted parents' attention. Currently, we support over 500 students with even more children on the entrance waiting list!

Because of your generosity, yesterday's hopeless street kids have become today's poised, well-mannered, English-speaking graduates that are full of hope, enthusiasm, and potential!


Emphasis is on Quality
The whole effort of the program of NEED is to make HOPE ACADEMY an unsurpassed school whose graduates will be able to get good jobs.

Emphasis is on Discipline
HOPE ACADEMY maintains very strict discipline in teaching and learning, in attendance and punctuality and in general behavior at school and outside. "Discipline with love" is the practicing principle.

Holistic approach
This program concentrates its efforts on the sponsored child. It's main focus is to help every sponsored child grow academically, physically, and spiritually to become a well rounded adult and hopefully elevate their families as a result.

Remaining a Community
At NEED we'd like to remain the "family" that we are. Everyone matters. From contributors all the way to the kids, from our Admin Staff to School Leadership we are all connected and we hope to build our community stronger with each day.

Emphasis on Low Overhead
NEED's overhead expenses in the USA are very low. There are no international offices or officers compensated in support of our project.